Tree Surgeon Near Me

Tree Surgeon Near Me


Fully Insured Tree Surgeon Cornwall

Firstly if your thinking where can I find a qualified tree surgeon near me, then you have come to the right place. Please find below a comprehensive list of the tree surgeon services we provide.
  • Tree Felling/ Removal: In effect the removal of any tree safely either in one piece through felling or most commonly in many smaller parts.
  • Tree Pruning: Specifically used for shaping a tree to allow extra light through, provide better views or clear from buildings etc or to simultaneously increase fruit yield.
  • Crown Reduction & Raising: This will reduce the height or crown size of the tree in question, creating extra light and can make a tree safer.
  • Stump Removal: On the whole we use specialist equipment called 'stump grinders' to help with stump removal.
  • Coppicing: A technique used to encourage new tree growth, by cutting shoots to near ground level.
Lastly all work is carried out by skilled tree surgeons and fully insured. All waste is either recycled or removed to the correct facility.

Tree Surgeons and What They Do

A tree surgeon is a professional who specializes in the care and maintenance of trees. They are trained in a range of techniques, including pruning, shaping and removing trees. Tree surgeons are knowledgeable about the biology and ecology of trees and are able to diagnose and treat tree diseases and pests. They may also be involved in planting and transplanting trees, and assessing the overall health and condition of trees. Tree surgery is a specialized field that requires a high level of training and expertise.

Tree Surgeon Cornwall & What They Do

NPTC Qualified Tree Surgeon Cornwall

The NPTC qualification is provided by City & Guilds. It is obtained through training in the specialist skills needed to get a certificate of confidence. In general the training covers all aspects of 'tree surgery'/'arboriculture' from chainsaw use and aerial related activities to health and safety considerations while carrying out work. To find out more about this training please go and check out the City & Guilds website.



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